Current system

In The Charter of Creator Principles of Free Thinking, it says:

The current system is in the final phase of its disappearance and replacement. In this accelerated decline, each day is more dangerous and the longer we take to replace it, the more damage the current powers will do to resist its disappearance. Therefore, it is necessary to control corruption as much as possible, as well as support the emerging structures of the social sector.

To control dangerous and uncontrolled corruption, we must make judges comply with the law, especially international laws such as human rights, because in this way they will apply the law to all public authorities and the serious damages caused by them will be reduced, in its resistance to prevent its power from disappearing.

Our activities to reduce these effects of decline, are articulated in the following projects:

STOP judicial corruption. It is a website that contains information about judicial corruption and the associations and Facebook groups related to it. + info

European Movement for Justice. It is a social movement that brings together associations and Facebook groups related to justice, to make visible the serious problem of judicial corruption and propose solutions. Structural changes are proposed that eliminate the public monopoly in justice and, generally, transferring competences to the social sector. + info

International Movement for Justice. It does the same as the previous one, but with a global scope. We are currently creating a network of participants. Video in Spanish subtitled in English.