The worst invention of the 20th century has not been the atomic bomb or the secondary financial macro-market, but the macro-State which, in addition, has produced the two previous ones.

The macro-State is the inevitable result of the evolution of democracy in rich societies.

For decades it has been said that the mass media has been institutionalized, adding to institutional propaganda.

From the beginning, the macro-State has dominated the social sector (associations), controlling their rules, their legalization, their “public utility” status (essential to obtain free publicity on social networks) and with millionaire public subsidies.

The economic power of the macro-State is immense. Both directly with public spending and debt, as well as through commercial, tax, labor, welfare, etc. laws, and other interventions such as tariffs, subsidies and tax benefits. Thus, the macro-State is a type of centralized planning, which is why we must speak of neocommunist Western economies.

This neointerventionism of the economy (neoliberalism according to neocommunist propaganda), is destroying the economy, as in every communist system. On the other hand, corruption is the inevitable result of the macro-State, creating institutional metamafia. Decadence (youngers generations live worse than those of their parents) and totalitarianism are the result of the institutional metamafia of rich democracies.

In this decadent context, the United Nations, the European Union and other international organizations, since the beginning of the 21st century began to include in their messages the defense of institutions, democracy and the rule of law. For years, their web pages were practically the same.

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